Pictures of my Cellulitis


  1. i am a 59 year old woman with lymphedema in my right leg and it came from having cancer surgery. the surgery saved my life but ruined my leg.i wear new balance tennis shoes but the bottom of my foot is tender all the time and at the end of the day i is is worse from mid calf down and the swelling never goes away. use compression stockings and a flex touch machine.hate the nighttime garment and wont wear unless i have to what kind of shoes do you recommend that don't look like granny shoes?

    1. Hi Sunshine, thanks for writing :-)
      Lymphedema sure sucks! Mine is Primary and came out of nowhere but I understand it must be a confusing and frustrating situation having an operation that saves your life but ruins your leg. I too use a nightgarment and of course wish I didn't have to but have learned to live with it. I am getting a Farrow Wrap to put over the nightgarment for more compression, feeling a little weary about that but I will deal with it when the time comes.
      I wish I could say something good about shoes. Have you seen my shoeguide here on the blog, perhaps there is something useful - check out the comments from other readers. I go for wide shoes and I buy them in two different sizes, one for each foot. That works quite well and saves me a lot of worry and discomfort. No one can see that they are different and I don't think about it either.
      Take care.